Fishing Game

Fishing Game 1.0

Survival of the biggest


  • Fun at first


  • Repetitive
  • Feels unpolished

Not bad

Fishing Game is a recognizable app where players have to become a predator and avoid becoming prey.

The point of Fishing Game is for players to quickly grow their fish from small bait fish into a formidable predator. The levels in Fishing Game require a certain amount of other fish to be eaten as it grows while avoiding even bigger fish that will devour the player’s fish.

Much like a playable aquarium, Fishing Game has similarities to other fish-eating apps and web apps that have been released, but this is a more portable version. Gameplay is based off directing the fish into smaller prey and staying out of the way of bigger predators. It is simple at first, but larger fish begin to swim in greater numbers and frequency.

Fishing Game has a tendency to get repetitive because each level functions the same way. After a few levels, there is not much new to see.

The visuals of Fishing Game are comical, but overall the app feels unfinished. Partially because Fishing Game does not contain animation of fish being swallowed and uses a “Chum” over the mouth to cover what could have been eating animation.

Fishing Game is a decent version of this type of game, but does not elevate itself out of being a simple copy.

Fishing Game


Fishing Game 1.0

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